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Ukrainian dishes

Ukrainian dishes

Horseback riding

Horseback riding

Masterclass of folk crafts

Masterclass of folk crafts

Traditions and Customs of Ukrainians

Traditions and Customs of Ukrainians




Cossack one-day training

Special offer from our farmstead for group recreation for children and adults.

Come to us with family, class or corporative. Immerse yourself in the entertainment world of our ancestors!


Part 1: Folk crafts

- The art of creating dolls "Motanka", find out their kinds and functions. - Ropes and straw carvers and toys (horses, goats, grandfathers, angels) - Pottery (molding and work on a circle) - Making Easter Eggs

Part 2: Horseback riding

We offer different routes, individual lessons with an instructor. The absence of any experience with riding a horse does not matter.

Part 3: Cossack weapons

Introduction to Cossack weapons under the supervision of an instructor. Archery, throwing knives and spears. Demonstration of a sabot practice. History of weapons development.

Part 4: traditional Ukrainian lunch

- Borsch - Vareniks - Traditional delicacies

Part 5: Cossack fun

An active time from our ancestors who trained the body and spirit in the form of a game.




  Gift Certificates

Are you looking for a beautiful gift - what can be better than a good rest?

Take into account the preferences of the one you would like to congratulate and choose an active rest or relaxation.

Buy a gift certificate "Vakulyna Baika"!

  • Horseback riding 1 hour
  • Horseback riding 2 hours
  • Horseback riding 3 hours
  • Training certificate - basic skills of riding - 8 classes
  • Class for choice - for one person or group up to 5 people.
  • Rest of the weekend - accommodation in ecohouse for two days, bath, breakfast





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